Below are testimonials from Dr. Gross's actual patients.  Names have been removed for privacy reasons. 

"Because I have such small eyes, the wire Speculum is very uncomfortable to put in place and to remove. Once it's in place, it's okay; but the process of getting it there is very uncomfortable.

The new Speculet was awesome. The way it went in was without any discomfort. While it was in, I experienced no discomfort at all and the removal was much easier than with the wire Speculum.

The injections themselves do not hurt. And we have to have them so that's a part of the process. But the Speculum does cause discomfort - so anything that would eliminate that discomfort has got to be a positive for everyone and will be well worth the time spent in developing it and appreciated by everybody.

Amazing difference. It's probably one of the best inventions for anything medical - especially to do with your eyes - that I've ever heard of or experienced. And I appreciate that."

Much Smoother & Less Pressure

"I think the new device is much smoother, it's not as much pressure on the eye, and it feels better putting it on, especially after having it on there for a minute or two. 

I would prefer the Speculet over the metal speculum.  The pressure doesn't feel as much to me on the Speculet as much as it does on the standard speculum." 

Far Superior and Less Intrusive

"The Speculet is far superior to the speculum. The speculum is like medieval torture compared to the Speculet.  I highly recommend that the Speculet be used from now on.  

The Speculet felt less intrusive, whereas I could feel the speculum pretty much the entire time.  It's very uncomfortable on the eye, especially because the eye likes to continually try and blink.  The speculum really was uncomfortable.

The Speculet, when the eye wants to blink, you can't even feel that it's there.  I want the Speculet from here on forward."

It's Like Night and Day

"I thought it was wonderful compared to the other one - it's like night and day. Really.  The other one hurts me.  It's hard and it holds your eye in a position that is very uncomfortable and it sticks you.  If it's not in the absolute right place it hurts...a lot."

"I like the Speculet better because there's no lingering pressure on the eye after. 
After it's removed, your eye feels more normal.  When we use the metal one, it feels slightly like it's bruised.  After the Speculet was removed, my eye actually feels much better - I feel more normal now after using the new one than normally after I get the injection."

I Didn't Even Feel It

"To me, I didn't even feel it.  I'd almost feel the metal in the other one and this one was just...I couldn't feel anything, really.
The metal one almost felt like it was, you know, scraping against my eye when you put the clamp in.  And this new one, even if you turned it a different way, I couldn't feel anything.  It feels really comfortable."

Less Pressure and not as 'Heavy' on the Eyeball

"I love the new device.  It's soft, it doesn't feel bulky, and there's not a lot of pressure on the eyeball itself.  It feels comfortable. And I like it!
The other one just feels hard.  It feels hard and cold and heavy on the eyeball.
The best part of the Speculet is that it's not heavy, there's no pressure on the eye itself and so it feels a lot more comfortable.  It went in and out with ease. I really liked it a lot."

"Dr. Gross, I hope you’ve brought your new prototype so we can use it today because it’s soooo much better than the other one.  You said you would bring it, so I’m hoping you did."

“I asked you whether you had your new mechanism for both eyes, and you told me that you only had enough to do one eye, and I was disappointed. The new one is just so incredible. It’s not cold like the other one. It doesn’t pinch like the other one. It is just so easy to do. I get more anxious about getting that eye opener put in than I do about actually getting the shots. So once I got the right eye one with the regular apparatus, the left eye is just *sigh* - okay, this is going to be okay. And it was."

“I like it very much. It’s much easier to get in and to take out. And while it’s in my eye it’s a lot more comfortable. The other one - it’s so big it’s really very uncomfortable. I’ve had many injections and 100% I’d prefer the new speculum because it’s so much more comfortable."

Much Less Intrusive

“I like it. It’s much less intrusive. It’s much more comfortable. It makes the whole procedure go smoothly. I like it a lot better than the metal one. The metal one is too big, too bulky, very uncomfortable, and makes the procedure just hard to deal with. The smaller one is much easier to deal with. I’d always prefer the small one moving forward.

"It's Not Medieval!"

“Wow that's so neat. I like it. Wow. It's not medieval! Wow. COOL! Sir, can I give you a fist bump when you get done?"

"I think it's wonderful! When it was put in I could barely feel it. While it was in, I didn't know I had it and I always knew with the other one. I think it's great! Every time now that's the only one I want. This was like nothing. It was so comfortable, believe it or not. I'm just so glad my doctor is doing this!"

"I thought it was very very comfortable. The other one was very scratchy and seemed like it held my eye too wide. This one I barely felt it. It was soft, and yet it did the job. It's so much more comfortable. Going forward I want this one every time!"